Friday, July 19, 2013

Timely Tips for the Summer Garden

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·       Roses: Clean up and discard diseased leaves that fall from rose bushes.
·       Vegetables: Monitor for frequent picking to promote more production.  Remove over-ripe produce to the compost pile.
·       Container Gardening: Water-holding polymers added to potting soil before planting a  container will reduce the need for frequent watering.
·       Prune evergreens, if needed, by the end of July so new growth has time to “harden off” before the first frost.
·       Empty standing water to prevent mosquito larvae from developing.

·       Remove weeds before they produce seeds.
·       Bagworms are commonly found on juniper, cedar and arbor vitae. Remove “bags” by hand picking.
·       Many vegetables can be started from seed in August: lettuce,  green beans,  carrots, beets and spinach, to name a few.
·       Stop pinching mums by mid-July. Fertilize lightly with water soluble fertilizer every two weeks.
·       Water landscape plantings deeply and well; one inch a week is recommended.

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