Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June's Horticulture Hotline Report

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The Horticulture Hotline is a free public service provided by Penn State Extension that helps Bucks County homeowners by providing research-based information and answers for their home gardening questions and concerns.  Staffed by Penn State Master Gardeners, the Hotline is open April 1st - October 1st, Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm.  Call the Hotline at 215-345-3283.

Here's the Hotline's June report by Master Gardener Debbie Bennett-Vidaure, one of our Horticulture Hotline specialists:
☼ Rose Rosette Virus is rearing its oh-so-ugly head.  Look for the reddish color and witch’s broom growth pattern.  Regretfully, removal and disposal of the affected rose is the best practice. http://goo.gl/9b46r

☼ Pine Sawflies are swarming in trees in their larval stage.  This publication from Cornell addresses all species, has great photos and treatment options: 
http://goo.gl/AuWyw  This PSU publication is specific to the European Pine Sawfly:  http://goo.gl/48DZM  The Woody Ornamentals Pest Management booklet lists treatment options on page 53 (page 55 of the PDF document): http://goo.gl/GVigY

☼ This is the second rainiest June for the Philadelphia area according to local meteorologists.  Fruit trees are suffering accordingly.  Fire blight risk is rated "severe" right now by the Penn State Fruit Times Disease Newsletter. Information about Fire Blight is found on page 93 (page 103 of the PDF document) of the Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide, a great resource for all things apple, etc:  http://goo.gl/bbs2v   

☼ Groundhogs (or Woodchucks) are tormenting not just me, it seems, but others as well! Here’s the Penn State publication on the critter
http://goo.gl/v5LIi and a nice list of Groundhog-resistant plants: http://goo.gl/2eHyI

☼ I had a call about Cottony Camellia Scale, aka Cottony Taxus Scale, which pesters not only camellias but also yews, hollies, beautyberry, hydrangeas, and euonymus.  http://goo.gl/SrHJA

☼ We’ve had a few tick questions as well – and for your information,  Penn State doesn’t test ticks for Lyme disease:  http://goo.gl/EnAmb

That’s what’s heating up the Horticulture Hotline this month!
-- Bucks County Master Gardener Debbie Bennett-Vidaure

Photo © Seattle Municipal Archives

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