Thursday, July 17, 2014

Timely Gardening Tips for Summer

Photo courtesy USDA
  • Water trees and shrubs planted within the last two years with deep, weekly watering, if rain isn't sufficient.
  • Give the lawn a rest from fertilizer and weed control during the hot summer. Wait until September.
  • Continue deadheading annual  flowers to promote continuous bloom and enhance appearance.
  • Stop deadheading in early September if you want seeds to mature for "self-seeding" next spring.
  • Divide iris in late July; divide peonies and daylilies in August.
  • Pinch chrysanthemums and perennial asters for the last time right now.
  • Monitor for bagworms on arborvitae, cedar and juniper. Hand-pick to remove "bags" which may contain the eggs of this pest.
  • Watch for tomato hornworms; hand-pick these large caterpillars off the plants.
  • Visit a local farmers market.  Here's a great list from the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance!
  • Make some space for a fall garden of lettuce, beets, chard, cabbage family plants, and radishes.
  • Continue adding "greens and browns" to the compost bin and adding water during hot days to keep the pile moist.
  • Select spring-blooming bulb varieties to order from catalogues, or purchase locally, to plant this fall.
  • Stop fertilizing and deadheading roses in late August. Dead or diseased canes may be removed now but major pruning is done in the spring.