Thursday, October 8, 2015

Winterizing Your Garden Tools

Photo Courtesy ©Thomas Hawk

Fall is here – time for winterizing! As you’re giving that last bit of TLC to your plants this season, remember your tools, too. They’re the key to success in every garden bed so spend a little extra time winterizing them as well.

First, be sure you have a dry location to store your tools this winter. File the edges of spades, shovels, axes, hoes and digging forks. Sharpen and oil your pruning tools, especially the pivot points. And let’s not forget the wooden handles - they also benefit from some attention. Run sandpaper over them to remove splinters and then rub with a soft rag dipped in a bit of linseed oil. How about hand trowels and smaller tools? Store them in a bucket of sand soaked in oil to deter rust.

A little winter prep can really pay off. Your tools will be just as ready as you are when spring arrives!

Bucks County Master Gardener Elena Parsons

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